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Previous Submissions

Submissions are available for 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 reviews. Please note that only suggestions were published in 2003. Suggestions, comments and objections are available from 2007.

Use the drop down menus to filter your search by year. Leave blank to return all submissions.


2015 - Comments

2015 - Comments
C Moran (30.31 KB)
City of Armadale (573.81 KB)
City of Mandurah (175.72 KB)
Comment (C-003) (24.17 KB)
Comment (C-010) (36.91 KB)
Comment (C-020) (39.87 KB)
Comment (C-022) (78.01 KB)
D Templeman MLA (93.63 KB)
J Borlini (31.83 KB)
Liberal Party of Australia (WA Division) Inc (246.19 KB)
M Gordon (64.15 KB)
M Haynes (79 KB)
M Mulcair (380.63 KB)
M Murray MLA (46.36 KB)
M Whitfield (25.4 KB)
S Love MLA (113.13 KB)
Shire of Ashburton (49.81 KB)
Shire of Collie (116.64 KB)
Shire of Mundaring (148.75 KB)
Shire of Murray (80.54 KB)
Singleton Residents' Association (72.37 KB)
South West Group (115.18 KB)
T Redman MLA (84.65 KB)
The Greens (WA) (38.25 KB)
The Nationals (127.54 KB)