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Electoral Distribution

Western Australia’s electoral boundaries are reviewed every four year, two years after a State election. This is done to ensure that, as the number and locations of people change over time, all electorates will contain an acceptable range of electors. 

The process for reviewing electorates is prescribed in Part llA of the Electoral Act 1907.

Current distribution

The 2023 review of electoral boundaries will be used at the next State election on 8 March 2025.

Any by-election that occurs prior to 2025 will be conducted in accordance with the current boundaries from the 2019 Distribution.

2023 Distribution

Current boundaries

These boundaries remain in effect until the 2025 State election.

Current boundaries

Previous State electoral distributions

2019 Distribution

2015 Distribution

2011 Distribution

2007 Distribution

2003 Distribution

Reviews of the State's electoral boundaries have been undertaken in Western Australia since 1902. Details of every review must be printed in the Government Gazette. State Law Publisher has an online record of Government Gazettes issued since 1906.