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Whats New

2023 Distribution Completed

The Western Australian State electoral boundaries to apply at the 2025 State general election, gazetted 1 December 2023, may be viewed at 2023 Final Boundaries.  The 2023 Review of Western Australia's Electoral Boundaries - Final Report can be viewed at 2023 Final Report.

Objections have closed

The period for the lodgement of objections to the proposed boundaries has closed.  Objections received have been published and can be viewed at 2023 Submissions. The Commissioners will consider all objections received in arriving at the final electoral boundaries, to be published by 1 December 2023.     

Proposed Boundaries for the 2025 State General election have been published

The 2023 proposed boundaries are available for viewing.  Objections to the proposed boundaries may be lodged until 5.00 pm 21 August 2023,   View the Electoral Distribution Commissioners’ Explanatory Statement.

Suggestions & Comments Closed

Public suggestions and comments are now closed, until proposed boundaries are published between 10 and 28 July 2023, after which objections will be invited.  

Comments on suggestions open

Suggestions received have been published to Electoral Boundaries WA .  Comments on the suggestions received are invited until 5.00 pm 15 May 2023.  Proposed boundaries will be published by late July 2023, after which objections will be invited.  The final boundaries will be published by 1 December 2023. 

Suggestions closing today

Suggestions received will be published as soon as practicable after the deadline of 5.00 pm 1 May to Electoral Boundaries WA, after which comments on the suggestions received will be invited until 5.00 pm 15 May 2023.   

Public suggestions are invited about future State electoral boundaries

The period for community members, political parties, members of parliament and others to make their suggestions about what the future electoral boundaries should be is now open. You can lodge a suggestion from 1 April until 5.00 pm, 1 May 2023 by following the instructions at Making a Submission

Enrolment statistics amended

The Commission has corrected an error in a document published last week on 13 March 2023 enrolment statistics. The Large District Allowance figures were incorrectly reported in a table within the document. An updated and amended version of the document (PDF, 126 kB) is now available from the Publications and Resources page.  We apologise for this error. 

Enrolment statistics for 2023 Electoral Distribution

The electoral roll was closed on 13 March 2023 to provide enrolment statistics to guide the work of the Commissioners. These statistics can be found at Publications and Resources. Community members may find the statistics helpful when composing their public suggestions.

2023 Distribution of Electoral Boundaries

The Final Boundaries stemming from the 2019 distribution were gazetted on 27 November 2019. They applied at the March 2021 State general election and are the current electoral boundaries. Electors are encouraged to update their enrolment before the 13 March 2023 close of rolls for the 2023 distribution of electoral boundaries.  Suggestions will be invited from 1 April 2023.  The final boundaries to take effect for the 2025 State election will be published by 1 December 2023.