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2019 Submissions

2019 Objections

Objections for the 2019 review of the State's electoral boundaries closed at 5.00pm, 26 August 2019.

Objections received from individuals

A Hayden MLA (PDF, 918 KB)

C Simkin (PDF, 283 KB)

Cr D Zappa (PDF, 2.5 KB)

Dr M Mulcair (PDF, 2.16 KB)

J Rowe (PDF, 527 KB)

L Mittic (PDF, 330, KB)

L Martin (PDF, 226 KB)

S Hawkins (PDF, 857 KB)

S L'Estrange MLA, Dr D Honey MLA, Hon B Marmion MLA (PDF, 4.12 MB)

S Love (PDF, 2.43 MB)

T Redman MLA (PDF, 821 KB)

V Nguyen (PDF, 445 KB)

Objections received by organisations

City of Swan (PDF, 800, KB)

Kalbarri Development Association (PDF, 1.01 MB)

Liberal Party of Western Australia (PDF, 1.63 MB)

Shire of Jerramungup (PDF, 2.47 MB)

Shire of Northampton (PDF, 464 KB)

WA Labor (PDF, 1.19 MB)

City of Manduah (PDF, 970 KB)

2019 Suggestions

Suggestions for the 2019 review of the State's electoral boundaries closed at 5.00pm, 29 April 2019.

Suggestions received from individuals

D Anson (PDF, 268 KB)

J Waddell (PDF, 1385 KB)

M Gordon (PDF, 997 KB)

S McLeod (PDF, 1569 KB)

D Walsh (PDF, 5991 KB)

K Travers (PDF, 934 KB)

S Love MLA (PDF, 928 KB)

Suggestions received from organisations

City of Swan (PDF, 296 KB)

City of Esperance (PDF, 271 KB)

City of Mandurah (PDF, 970 KB)

City of Belmont (PDF, 322 KB)

Liberal Party of WA (PDF, 3509 KB)

WA Labor (PDF,4876 KB)

The National Australia Party of Australia (WA) (PDF, 4738 KB)

City of Karratha - Received 29 April 2019 5.22pm (PDF, 711 KB)


Comments for the 2019 review of the State's electoral boundaries closed at 5.00pm, 13 May 2019.

Comments received from individuals

M Gordon (PDF, 631 KB)

J Otremba (PDF, 512 KB)

M Allen (PDF, 1.9 MB)

L Dalle-Nogare & M Strother (PDF, 348 KB)

M Mulcair (PDF, 2.4 MB)

M & T Collins (PDF, 228 KB)

P Rundle MLA, Member for Roe (PDF, 789 KB)

J Waddell (PDF, 12.27 MB)

Comments received from organisations

Organisation of African Communities (PDF, 850 KB)

City of Wanneroo (PDF, 433 KB)

Wanneroo Business Association (PDF, 416 KB)

Landsdale Residents Association (PDF, 748 KB)

Hepburn Centre (PDF, 717 KB)

Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Liberal Party of Western Australia (PDF, 3.54 MB)

Girrawheen & Koondoola Senior Citizens Club (PDF, 387 KB)

Yanchep Two Rocks Community Recreation Association (PDF, 497 KB)

Shire of Collie (PDF, 1.01 MB)

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale (PDF, 1.37 MB)

North Perth Local (PDF, 377 KB)

City of Karratha (PDF, 264 KB)

WA Labor (PDF, 3.2 MB)

The Nationals WA (PDF, 1.45 MB)

Lions Club of Girrawheen (PDF, 423 KB)

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Total votes: 2893