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Electoral Boundaries WA

Electoral Boundaries WA is the function that manages the statutory review of all Western Australian electorates that must occur two years after a State election, in accordance with the Electoral Act 1907.

Electoral Boundaries review

An electoral boundaries review ensures that, at State election time, the number of electors in each electorate is within an acceptable range. In addition to changes in the number of electors in each electorate, there are a number of factors considered before boundary changes can happen.

Find out more about the electoral boundaries review process.

Electoral Distribution Commissioners

The electoral boundary review is conducted by three Electoral Distribution Commissioners who are:

  • a former Supreme Court judge (who is the Chair)
  • the Western Australian Electoral Commissioner
  • the Western Australian Government Statistician.

The Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners is a temporary office with temporary staff, administratively supported by the Western Australian Electoral Commission, which operates for the period necessary to assist the Commissioners to complete the review within a prescribed timeframe.

Electoral Act 1907

Part IIA of the Electoral Act 1907 prescribes the appointment of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners, describes their functions, determines the number of electorates and the requirement to divide them, prescribes how to divide them, what to take into consideration and the timeframes within which the Commissioners must operate, and requires the results be published as maps.


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