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What is a Submission?

A submission is an opportunity for you to make a contribution to the electoral boundaries review.

It is greatly appreciated if your submission is clear, well supported with reasons and considers some, if not all, the factors that the Electoral Distribution Commissioners will use during their deliberations. For more details, see Making a Submission or Fact Sheet 4: Submissions.

There are three opportunities during the review where the Electoral Distribution Commissioners will invite the public to contribute. You can make a submission at any time during the three phases.

District or region scenarios

You can make a suggestion about where district or region boundaries should be located during any of the three submission phases.

If you are making suggestions involving changing electoral boundaries, ideally you should provide the Commissioners with new boundaries,  and your reasons, to consider.

Your scenario should demonstrate consideration of the electoral enrolment statistics and the prescribed factors relevant to your scenario. This information will be made available in the Preliminary Observations fact sheet. It is also desirable if you can demonstrate public support for your scenario.

If you are unsure about how to go about creating your own scenario, you may consider waiting and making a comment on either other submissions received or on the proposed boundaries when they are released. This way, you can respond to a suggestion made by someone else or a boundary proposed by the Commissioners.

If you are building on someone else’s idea, or disagreeing with a particular point, it is still important that your comment demonstrates consideration for the electoral enrolment statistics and the relevant prescribed factors, and ideally, provide an alternative solution.

District Names

You can make a submission on what you think a district should be called. You cannot make suggestions to change region names, as they are prescribed in the Electoral Act 1907.


Once the proposed boundaries have been published, you have 30 days to submit an objection about the proposals if you choose. You do not have to have previously made a submission to be eligible to make an objection or comment.


Once all suggestions have been submitted, they will be published online. You then have 14 days to submit a comment in response, or to contribute, to any suggestions. You do not have to have previously made a suggestion to be eligible to comment.


You are invited to make a suggestion. Suggestions can be about where you think a district or region boundary should be, or what the districts should be called. You can focus on your current district or on any electorate about which you are familiar.

If you would like help in making a submission or understanding the process, you can contact Electoral Boundaries WA. You can also read submissions from previous reviews for guidance.

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