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2011 Electoral Boundaries 2011 Electoral Boundaries
Final Boundaries

These boundaries are final and will apply at the next State general election, due in 2013. As such, the boundaries determined in the 2007 Electoral Distribution are still current and will apply to any by-elections that may occur in the meantime.

The map below is linked to viewable maps. The six region maps include the final district boundaries. Click on the map below to view region details.

Statistical Reports indicating changes in elector numbers at locality and local government authority level resulting from the proposed boundaries are available on the website. These include data relating to the composition of proposed and current districts.

If you wish to use any of the maps in promotional materials for electoral or media purposes, please contact Landgate on (08) 9273 7210 or email to obtain permission. Landgate has indicated that the free use of these maps is restricted to electoral and media purposes only. If in doubt please contact Landgate.

Final State Boundaries Metropolitan RegionsSouth West RegionAgricultural RegionMining and Pastoral Region

Final Boundaries Maps

Metropolitan Area Map (PDF, 566 Kb)
East Metropolitan Region Map (PDF, 551 Kb)
North Metropolitan Region Map (PDF, 321 Kb)
South Metropolitan Region Map (PDF, 419 Kb)
Country Area Map (PDF, 962 Kb)
Agricultural Region Map (PDF, 771 Kb)
Mining and Pastoral Region Map (PDF, 897 Kb)
South West Region Map (PDF, 1,580 Kb)

Final Boundaries Booklet

The Final Boundaries booklet is available in three separate files to assist in ease of download.

Alternatively, you can download the complete booklet (PDF, 3,952 Kb). However, please note that due to the large file size, it may take a while to download.

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